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Mar 6, 2018

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Episode 18: I talk with John Lamerton about his story so far and his journey in entrepreneurship.

John Lamerton is a self-confessed "lazy" entrepreneur and investor.

He doesn't like working harder than he needs to, yet he used to work 100+ hours per week, and saw pulling all-nighters as a badge of honour - something to be proud of.

His lightbulb moment came whilst sat in an MOT garage just after the birth of his first child, when he realised that the business he was building may well give him a huge pile of cash, but it wouldn't give him the LIFESTYLE that he truly wanted - to be there to see his kids growing up.

John went home that day, and tore down his empire. He stood on the ruins of the massive corporation he was building, and laid the foundations for what would come to define him - as a builder of "Ambitious Lifestyle Businesses".

True to this "lifestyle business" ambitions, John massively reduced the hours he was working, from more than a hundred per week, to around twenty per week. And yet, by applying the principles that John talks about in his book "Big Ideas... for Small Businesses", he saw his income RISE despite working less hours.

Now a reformed "ex-hustler", John mentors other small business owners, teaching them how to grow their businesses - get more customers, and make more money - WITHOUT working harder.

A harsh critic of many of the so-called "gurus" who claim to have the holy grail to business growth (which is usually either "work harder than everyone else", "copy my 147-step funnel" or "send me another $497 and I'll tell you the secret"), John likes to talk in no-nonsense plain English.

He also keeps things nice and simple. Most small business owners don't need a 147-step marketing funnel, or a 15-page ebook as lead bait. What they DO need are a handful of simple, practical tools and tactics that they can easily and regularly deploy whenever they need new business.

John gives them that in spades - "Big Ideas... for Small Businesses" has more than 100 of those takeaways - simple practical things that the average small business owner can put into practice within minutes of reading the book, and which when done regularly, will see tremendous growth in the sales figures.

John currently owns a number of small businesses, mainly in the Sports Betting and Property sectors, and spends most of his time mentoring other ambitious lifestyle business owners. He still refuses to work more than 25 hours per week.

His three passions in life are Family, Fun, and Travel - and he's designed every single one of his businesses around them. He'd love to show you how to do the same.

Johns book: Big Idea's for Small Businesses is available on Amazon

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