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Stories in Business

Feb 16, 2018

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In Episode 13 I talk with Laura Inamedinova, we cover various topics such as startups, coaching and motivation. Along with her story to date. 

Laura K. Inamedinova is an expert of communications and branding who has been helping companies to succeed in external communication and PR for the last 3 years. Laura consults companies and individuals regarding their future goals and successful communication of their brands. Her primary focus is technology, fin tech and IT industries. There are million-dollar valuation companies among Laura’s clients.

Besides communications and personal branding, Laura K. Inamedinova works with individuals who feel stuck in their daily lives and helps to enable their true potential. Laura specialises in quick and permanent changes for her clientele. She encourages her clients to dig deep, to explore their life priorities and advantages in different spheres. Together with the client she creates real and important goals.

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