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Stories in Business

Dec 20, 2018

First off - apologies for the dodgy audio from myside - I recorded this whilst away with work in the Ivory Coast and I didnt have my usual set up. 

Anyhow, todays guest is Christopher Lochhead. 

About Christopher: 

After getting thrown out of school, with few other options, Christopher started his first company at 18.

He served as chief marketing officer of software juggernaut Mercury Interactive which was acquired by Hewlett-Packard in 2006 for $4.5 billion, co-founded marketing consulting firm LOCHHEAD, was the founding CMO of Internet consulting firm Scient, and served as head of marketing at Vantive, an CRM software firm.

He’s been an advisor to over 50 Silicon Valley, venture-back startups and is a limited partner investor in several top-tier venture capital funds.

Lochhead is a dyslexic paperboy from Montreal with Scottish roots. Over thirty years in business he has earned with a PhD from the school of hard knocks, experienced the bliss of winning, the pain of failure and learned how to laugh about the whole thing.