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Stories in Business

May 14, 2018

Episode 29 with Barney Loehnis

About Barney:
"I have built my career driving digital transformation for a wide range of businesses on the client & agency side.

Over my career I've had a broad & deep range of experience across brand, marketing, media, social media, advocacy, demand generation, eCommerce, product management & service design across the customer journey.

I spent a decade in EMEA taking retail brands then entertainment brands like Warner Bros & Harry Potter - into eCommerce, content development and social media; and then almost a decade in Asia and China agency-side running digital transformation and strategy development for Nestle, adidas, Coca Cola, IHG, IBM and Huawei.

I am now in the US & most recently lead the global digital transformation for Mercer, one of the world's leading management consulting groups. Mercer helps clients and their 110m employees manage their Health, Wealth and Careers via digital apps & platforms to help clients and employees make the decisions that will help them achieve their long term goals.

I’ve always been curious in the unknown. Since I was 12, when I was given a computer, I’ve been rolling-up my sleeves to get deep into the detail of what's on the next horizon. At 18 I walked 6,000kms across Europe; at 21 I walked 9,000kms across China - including JiaJin Shan, the mountain that frames my profile. It taught me to think big, ask questions, listen well, take action & focus on each day at a time; and to play for the long game.

I think work should be fun. We put in long hours and they should answerable not only to a broader "purpose" , but also to fuel a passion; and pockets. Nothing is more important to me than the teams I build and the delivery of business results.

Do reach out to me on Linkedin or via twitter (@Barneylo), I'd be happy to connect".


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